We are regularly instructed by solicitors, barristers and individuals to assist in matrimonial disputes, our team undertakes work on a single or joint basis for either side to clarify financial disputes arising out of divorce.

Divorce Forensic Accountants

A large proportion of our instructions centre around business valuations (be it whole businesses or interests therein) but, increasingly, we are requested to investigate the potential of hidden assets in matrimonial disputes both in the UK and in foreign jurisdictions.

Our forensic accountants have significant experience and expertise in the valuation of businesses across a vast range of industry and professional sectors applying the relevant recognised valuation models in all circumstances. We are also frequently instructed to comment on the taxation aspects of any such disputes.

Forensic Accountants for Divorce Cases

Our approach is thorough and robust. We have considerable expertise in the area of divorce investigations and matrimonial disputes to ensure that favourable outcomes are achieved and a professional service is delivered in the appropriate manner.

We recognise that matrimonial disputes are, by their nature, almost always very fraught and we are careful to act professionally and with empathy in a manner that does not inflame an already delicate situation.

A member of our team is in a handful of expert forensic accountants accredited by Collaborative Law to act as an Expert in matrimonial cases.

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