Our forensic accountants assist solicitors and barristers across the UK when the Defendant is facing a criminal investigation or trial in connection with the conspiracy to supply drugs.

Our criminal defence forensic accountants assist by analysing the financial evidence presented by the prosecution in relation to potential money laundering and Proceeds of Crime elements arising out of conspiracy to supply allegations. We also provide Expert testimony to highlight areas of disagreement and agreement in the case.

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It will often be beneficial to the defence of the case to have an experienced criminal defence forensic accountant as early in the process as possible. This will allow greater time to compile an accurate record of financial activity and evidence relating to the alleged offence.

Criminal Defence Accountants

Conspiracy to supply cases are often highly complex and can include a number of Defendants. We have had considerable experience in this area and have often had custodial sentences reduced following our investigations into the financial affairs of the accused.
We are happy to undertake work in this area at Legal Aid rates and to discuss quotes.

For information about how William Klien Forensic Accountants can assist in Conspiracy to Supply Cases contact a member of our team on 01902 393 940.

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