Schedule 8 claims are a specific form of business interruption involving accidents which take place on the British rail network infrastructure.

Our team of forensic accountants has developed specialist expertise in the consideration of financial losses in Schedule 8 claims, this being the mechanism which governs the penalties paid to / by Network Rail and the Train Operating Companies (TOCs), as a result of late running train services caused by train disruptions on the British rail network.

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Schedule 8 forms part of the Track Access Agreements, between Network Rail and the TOCs, and relies on specialist, highly evolved software, to assess the effects of a liability incident on the rail network, and the subsequent financial losses to Network Rail arising from the rail disruption.

Schedule 8 Claims

Our experience in this regard allows us to re-model the rail disruptions claims presented by Network Rail and consider such, in detail, to ascertain whether they are pleaded correctly and to restate them where we consider that they have not been.
We can provide a range of services to assist you to meet your requirements in considering the financial losses presented under Schedule 8 claims by Network Rail.

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