Our team of forensic accountants has a wide range of expertise and many years’ experience in providing quantum assessments and financial investigations to assist in the settlement of financial and legal disputes.

We are instructed by solicitors, insurance companies, corporate organisations, local authorities and private individual in both Claimant and Defendant scenarios, ranging from complex multi-million pound disputes to claims valued in the thousands.

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Our team of forensic accountants are consistently praised by clients for their independent, expert and robust opinions and specialist expertise.

We have honed our specialist forensic accountancy expertise over the years and areas in which we have considerable experience include:

Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Claims

Our forensic accountants assist solicitors in quantifying the elements of financial loss in all types of personal injury, clinical negligence, industrial disease, military and catastrophic/fatal cases. Our expertise covers loss of earnings, loss of profit, loss of pension, loss of dependency and loss of years in both self- employed and employed scenarios.

Insurance Litigation / Business Interruption Claims

We undertake a considerable number of instructions to assist in the assessment of losses in insurance litigation cases, particularly in relation to business interruption claims (i.e. loss of profit for self-employed individuals). We are also experienced in handling Section 8 matters.

Criminal Defence and Financial Fraud

The criminal and fraud investigations team at Forths assist in a wide range of criminal defence cases that involve a financial element. Our forensic accountants are regularly instructed on matters relating to proceeds of crime (POCA), money laundering, conspiracy to supply drugs, confiscation orders and financial fraud investigations.

Commercial Disputes

We can apply our forensic accounting skill set to assist individuals and solicitors in a wide range of commercial disputes. Our expertise in this area includes shareholder/partnership disputes, breach of contract, product claims, warranty claims, compulsory purchase orders and class actions.

Professional Negligence Claims

We are often instructed in professional negligence matters to consider the financial loss caused by negligence professional advice. Our expertise in this covers solicitor negligence, accountant negligence and surveyor negligence.

Divorce and Matrimonial Disputes

It is most commonly the case that there is a dispute over finances and assets when a couple divorce. Forths are regularly instructed to conduct financial investigations to trace hidden bank accounts assets and to conduct business valuations.

Tax Investigations and Voluntary Disclosures to HMRC

Over the last few years HMRC has been pushing hard to clampdown on tax evasion and tax avoidance. We have extensive experience in advising individuals who are subject to a full tax investigation by HMRC. We understand how HMRC work and are able to be the go between during what most experience as a stressful time. We also assist in making voluntary disclosures of tax liabilities to HMRC.
Given our structure we are able to handle high volume caseloads in all areas.

To hear more about our Forensic Accountancy Services or to discuss your specific requirements with a member of our team call 01902 393 940.

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