Our team of forensic accountants provide detailed quantum assessments of loss of earnings for both self-employed and employed Claimants in personal injury and clinical negligence cases. We also have considerable expertise to assist in cases involving pension loss.

We are regularly instructed in both Claimant and Defendant scenarios to apply our specialist expertise to calculate the loss of earnings elements in a wide range of cases and scenarios, including both past and future loss. We assist in cases valued at thousands to multi million pounds, and are also experienced in dealing with cases involving international elements.

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We offer forensic accounting expertise on an Expert or Agency basis to assess the Claimant’s loss of earnings. Our experience can add real value in complex scenarios relating to all elements of loss for employed and self employed claims. Our approach is robust and thorough, acting on both a Single or Joint basis if required.

There can often be a myriad of different factors and scenarios to consider when assessing a Claimant’s financial losses.

Employed Loss of Earnings Claims

In cases involving employed Claimants we assist when earnings are more difficult to interpret. We review and consider post-accident loss of bonuses / commissions, share options, overtime, career promotions, and taxable contributions and allowances.
We have considerable experience of assisting in employed cases particularly relating to high earning Claimants, along with complex scenarios involving employees in NHS, Police / Fire service, Armed Forces, Local Authority and Education.
We are happy to assist in collating all relevant information relating to the Claimant’s losses including wage slips, details of potential promotion / career progression, information relating to overtime / bonuses, share option schemes and reduced capacity.

Self Employed Loss of Earnings Claims

Quantifying self employed Claimant losses is complex. For self-employed Claimants we will review and consider pre-accident trading history, growth patterns, impact of the accident on income and profit streams and expense patterns. We also assist in cases involving loss of profit elements.
We are happy to assist in collating all relevant information relating to the Claimant’s business including new start / growth businesses, limited companies, complex interrelated business structures, loss of opportunity, details of lost contracts, details of expenses incurred and detailed profit and loss accounts, and tax returns. We are often called upon to liaise directly with the Claimant’s accountant to assist in quantifying their financial loss.
Our team deals with cases involving business owners, company directors, those in partnerships, trade / skilled workers and consultants.

Forensic Accounting Services

In both employed and self employed Claimant scenarios we provide independent, detailed and robust loss of earnings reports encompassing all the information required to accurately assess and quantify the financial loss to the individual following the accident.
We provide flexible solutions and are happy to have an initial discussion about a potential case. Please also ask about our fee terms.

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