Our team of forensic accountants are regularly instructed to assist in the financial investigative aspects in criminal matters where it has been alleged that proceeds have been gained from criminal activity.

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) was launched as a tool by prosecutors to assist in the recovery of assets as a result of criminal activity.
It is common place now that the aim of the CPS is to take away the profits made from criminal activity, either through asset recovery or Confiscation Orders.

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In order to establish the level of benefit gained from alleged criminal activities, the CPS conducts investigations into the Defendant’s financial affairs, generally the investigations are centred on income / profits and property. However, difficulties arise when identifying the source of benefits gained, and this is where our forensic accounting expertise can assist.
Our forensic accountants are instructed by criminal solicitors and barristers to assist in preparing detailed evidence to accurately reflect the financial aspects in a wide range of POCA cases across the UK. Our forensic accounting expertise is applied to analyse and consider the prosecution’s evidence and provide expert testimony to highlight areas of disagreement and agreement with the case presented.

POCA Accountants

Areas in which we can assist in both Initial and Confiscation cases include:
  • Considering financial evidence in support of an Indictment;
  • Considering potential evidence against the case;
  • Provide services as Experts – Expert reports; conferences with Counsel; preparing Joint Statements; and attending Court.
  • Consider Section 16 Statements;
  • Collate Section 17 responses;
We are happy to undertake work in this area at Legal Aid rates and to discuss quotes.

For information about how William Klien Forensic Accountants can assist in Proceeds of Crime (POCA) cases, contact a member of our team on 01902 393 940.

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