It is often the case that differences arise between key decision makers within a business and result in shareholder disputes which are not always straight forward to resolve.

Shareholder Disputes

Our specialist team of forensic accountants are regularly instructed by solicitors, corporate organisations and individuals to assist in shareholder, director and partnership disputes. By their very nature, such disputes will usually have an impact on the running of a business, which is why it is essential to get professional advice from the earliest possible stage.
Given the vested interest of both parties in any shareholder, director and partnership dispute, there are financial elements to consider in order to assist in reaching a resolution. Our forensic accountants can assist in preparing business valuations and collating evidence.

Disputes in Business

It is also apparent that such cases can be time consuming, protracted and costly, and so you should ensure that you have expert advice and assistance to help you reach a more favourable settlement.
We have advised in a wide range of disputes, with varying levels of complexity, to assist in reaching appropriate valuations of shares and elements of loss incurred as a result of the dispute.

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