The team of Forensic accountants at Forths is regularly instructed by businesses and individuals when they own property or land which is subject to a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

Compulsory Purchase Order Valuations

CPOs allow organisations, such as local authorities, to enforcedly obtain land or a property which will be subject to development. Common examples include local authorities taking land for development that is considered of public interest, for example, the building of transport links.

Compulsory Purchase Order Compensation

We can assist in relation to the valuation of a property or business, the cost of moving to a new property, the potential loss of profits as a result of moving property. Often CPOs can create many problems for businesses, not at least, the potential loss of custom as a result of moving premises.
Our team of forensic accountants are regularly instructed by companies to assist in the valuation of their business and to quantify financial loss as a result of CPOs.

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