There is often a loss of dependency element in fatal / catastrophic personal injury, clinical negligence and industrial disease cases.

This area is highly complex and we have considerable experience of handling both employed and self employed Claimant scenarios. We are regularly instructed to apply our forensic accounting skills to assist in assessing and quantifying the loss of dependency.

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Our forensic accountants assist in calculating the elements of loss in these cases on an Agency / White Label or Expert basis, which can include:

  • Loss of income and expenses (e.g. medical / care expenses) incurred post-accident and pre death
  • Loss of financial support for the dependant(s)
The nature of such cases are clearly highly sensitive, and our team has considerable experience in dealing with such matters to ensure that they are handled in the best approach.
In cases involving loss of dependency it is essential that there is expert input to ensure that the dependants of the deceased party is compensated by a sustainable amount.

Forensic Accounting Services – Dependency Claims

We provide flexible solutions to meet your requirements and are happy to have an initial discussion about the case in order to establish the level of input required.
We are also happy to assist in collating all information relevant to support the financial loss of the deceased.

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