Finance Advisory Services

Finance Advisory Services

Finance Advisory Services


At William Klien., we have a team of chartered certified accountants based in Wolverhampton. We offer a range of services to small businesses and large corporations starting with strategic planning to business valuation and annual health checks; helping your business grow and expand.


Our senior accountants are experts in the field with years of experience who provide you with valuable business insights for taking key decisions and helping you develop strategic growth initiatives.


Whether you are a start-up or established firm; we understand each business faces its unique challenges and has its own set of goals which is why we tailor our services to suit your needs precisely. We give you customised advice for your business that can help put your future plans in context.


Some of the finance advisory services we offer at William Klien. are outlined below;


Strategic Planning


Our financial advisory team at William Klien. can help you develop your business strategies that utilises your resources, skills and capabilities optimally. Our strategic planning services help define your business direction so you can make informed decisions and calculated risks to achieve your desired goals. We provide financial insights with every step of the way so you can stay ahead of your competition and expand your business successfully.





Business Valuation


Whether you are buying or selling, we will provide you with a business valuation that is realistic and based on industry standards. Our business valuation services help you understand your financial performance and identify gaps that can increase the worth of your business. We have years of experience in mergers and acquisition and can help you diversify or expand your business operations to increase its valuation.







A dedicated advisor or a team (if you are a large business) will sit down with you to discuss our forecasting and planning services; making sure you are prepared for the future and have all your blind spots covered. We can help you in setting KPI’s to monitor your business progress.





Health Checks


Regular health checks of a business are essential to assess if goals are being met and the company is moving in the right direction. William Klien business health checks are designed to identify any areas where you are routinely losing money from financial or legal issues. Our health check service includes cash flow analysis, breakeven analysis, management, staff and funding reviews.





Monthly Snapshot Reports


Our finance advisory services are designed to provide critical insights about your current business cycle so you can take business decisions more confidently. We offer monthly snapshot reports on the business financial and non-financial performance for each month. The Snapshot reports let you access vital data including your sales, revenue, bookings etc. so you are prepared to take any business decision if the need arises.





Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about our financial advisory services at William Klien., would like a free consultation or get a fixed fee quote.

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